Every day the number of users who use social networks increases, which makes their importance for our business greater. We have already published on the blog some posts dedicated to them, for example Optimizing Google My Business for restaurants, how to get more reviews and answer them. Another post on Instagram for restaurants, we also saw why it is not advisable to buy followers on the networks. In this article we are going to focus on the benefits that Facebook can provide for our establishment.

Advantages of social networks

In broad strokes, we highlight below some of the main advantages of social networks in relation to restaurants:

From social networks we have the opportunity to transmit our values, what differentiates us and makes us unique. For example, showing how the dishes are made in our restaurant.
Publicize events, or information related to types of menus or the new menu we offer.
Increase our visibility in the face of potential clients (whether tourists or locals) who are in tune with the type of cuisine we offer.

Another aspect that can be greatly benefited is that social networks have become very important in everything related to improving customer service (something fundamental for any business). Special mention should be made of the fact that from them we can offer a new reservation channel.

9 benefits of Facebook for your restaurant

So let’s turn our attention to the benefits that Facebook can bring to our restaurant. In order to enjoy all these advantages, it will first be necessary to have a Fanpage or company page.

1-Feedback from your restaurant’s customers on Facebook

It makes it easier for us to know the satisfaction of our customers. Thus, we can encourage reviews to be left, which we will have to respond to.

2-Facebook live

This tool will allow us, for example, to broadcast live the preparation of a dish (a very interesting way of using Storytelling).

3-Facebook Stories

Very similar to Instagram Stories (they disappear in 24 hours) ideal to show the day-to-day of the restaurant.

4-Advertising campaigns on Facebook

We can plan through Facebook Ads advertising campaigns to promote reservations, we will be allowed to segment based on our ideal customer archetype (“Buyer persona”)

Facebook Ads is a very effective way to reach our target audience, it is undoubtedly a tool that should be taken into account for everyone who has a business.

5-Analysis of your restaurant’s competition on Facebook

Facebook analytics makes it possible to compare the performance of our page with that of other similar Facebook pages.

6-Private messages

Let’s think, for example, of the advantage of sending group menus to close sales, it is also possible to ask and specify aspects related to allergies

7-Conduct surveys

You can conduct surveys to encourage the complicity of your customers with your restaurant.

8-Install a link to your website

It is essential that your website is present on Facebook in case your customers want more information about your restaurant or get in touch to answer any questions.

9-Offer a new reservation channel for your restaurant on Facebook

If you have an online reservation system (such as Zeus Manager), you can place an invitation button to action as we show you in the following video.

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