We welcome you once again to the Zeus Manager blog! In the post that we bring you today, we will teach you everything you need to know about the buyer persona. One of the customer acquisition strategies that will help your restaurant grow and retain your guests.
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What is a buyer persona?

As its name suggests and you may have already deduced it, it is a potential customer profile or model that is part of the public, to which your restaurant is directed. In other words, it is the profile of your ideal client and the one you want to retain at any price. In this new era of technology and information, it is necessary to stay updated and learn to properly segment our potential audience to bring it. This is when developing a buyer persona can help us find the light on the path and plan more effective customer acquisition strategies!

Buyer persona restaurantes Zeus Manager

Buyer persona, the ideal client prototype you need

The first step in developing a buyer persona profile is knowing yourself. Analyze what type of restaurant you are, how is your business philosophy and deepen the type of current clientele you have, a SWOT analysis is a good starting point. Once this is done, you will be ready to start 🙂
Tip: Group your customers by categories or labels that you can easily recognize, for example:
Families with children
Office workers
later, you should investigate the most important aspects of each one . We will use “Neighbors” as an example:
Neighbors: They are the people who are near my restaurant and usually come to have breakfast in the morning or watch football matches. The vast majority have known us for a long time.
Take your time to introspect each group and once this is done: Use a real or fictitious example that represents the personality, desires, preferences, expectations, defects … all the information you can extract to your restaurant! Now we continue with our example 😉

Neighbors —-> Peter
“Mr. Pete” has been a friend of my father / mother for years and from time to time he comes to the restaurant to have a morning snack. Pepe is an outgoing person who likes to be around people and loves soccer, he is a fan of x. He is a simple person outside of social networks who is satisfied with little and appreciates being given potatoes to snack on. What Pepe likes the most is playing darts and what he hates the most is eating late.
As you can see with the example of Peter, we have defined the origin, habits, psychology, tastes and expectations.

Strategy development

planificación estrategias del buyer persona
Once we have the information ready for each profile with its respective example, it is time to consider the strategies of how to attract them to the restaurant. If you are not very familiar with inbound marketing, simply ask yourself: How do I get Pepe (neighbors) to be more than just a customer of my restaurant? Analyze their tastes and expectations to be able to design the appropriate strategies for your business, as we will do below:
a) Pepe likes darts and soccer —-> EVENTS —> Darts tournament
b) Pepe He has known us for a long time —-> NEIGHBORS ASSOCIATION —> Socialize with him to get him to come to celebrate an event. (It is alien to technology)
c) Potatoes to snack —-> OFFERS —-> Special tapas menu As you can see everything is connected: If we know our customers, it will be easier to retain them and therefore they will increase the possibilities that decide to come to our restaurant!

How can Zeus Manager help you with your buyer persona

In this sense, our reservation management software has an intuitive client database module prepared to collect all the information you need from your clients in real time and automatically. You will be able to create customer databases and manage them easily, from any device in a matter of minutes without complications! We hope that our little article can help you improve customer acquisition strategies and better understand the concept of the “buyer persona”.

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