Surely you have heard of generation Z, but perhaps you have not yet stopped to think about what relationship it may have with restaurants. They are a generation of true digital natives, accustomed since childhood to having access to vast amounts of information with a single click, mainly through their mobile devices. Although there is no absolute consensus on this, it generally includes young people born between the mid-1990s and the first decade of the 21st century.

We recently examined in our last post the SWOT business analysis instrument (whose acronym refers to: Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities), if we take into account that the so-called generation Z is about to represent a third of the world’s population , it seems reasonable to think that paying due attention to it may open the door to an exceptional opportunity for our business.

Some of the main characteristics of Gen Z in relation to restaurants are:

1-Face-to-face communication

They value face-to-face communication (despite being digital natives), and consider dining out as a social event to enjoy with friends or family.


This is a generation that takes value for money very much into account, while at the same time they are willing to spend a large part of their budget on eating out, greatly appreciating discounts and promotions.

3-Use of social networks by generation Z in relation to restaurants

They can decide to go to an establishment solely on the basis of its social networks, with Instagram being the one that attracts them the most. They also follow influencers on a regular basis.


They tend to be spontaneous when it comes to restaurant choice (they read reviews and check the menu online) and rarely plan their visit in advance.
They write reviews in real time while they are in the restaurant.

5-Sustainable values ​​of generation Z in relation to restaurants

They are open to restaurant trends that are in tune with their sustainable values, for example serving locally produced organic food. It is a critical generation that appreciates the authenticity of businesses, with tremendous ease in accessing information and investigating their transparency.

6-Gastronomic preferences of generation Z in restaurants

They generally prefer chicken, hamburgers, and pizza. But as they belong to a generation eager for experiences, they also have a favorable disposition to try new dishes, while showing a great attraction for food delivery.

Zeus Manager

In addition to all the characteristics of the generation Z that we have just exposed, it is important to consider that we are referring to a type of diner that is very receptive to everything that improves the user experience linked to the digitization of restaurants, such as the possibility to book online (from the website, or the restaurant’s social networks) or pay the amount of your reservations through a payment gateway, if you want more information about a tool that contributes effectively to the digitization of your restaurant, do click on the following link: Zeus Manager

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