Welcome back to our Zeus Manager blog. In today’s article we bring you the latest news from our online system. The work module of Zeus Manager is now available and outside the BETA phase, a new module where you can keep an internal control of all your employees with different functions:

  • Personnel management and contracts
  • Control and administration of hours
  • Planning vacations and absences
  • payment management
  • Administer and manage the tasks of your employees
  • Create groups and categories

Thanks to the labor module, you will be able to digitize quickly and easily all the tasks related to your employees, in order to take more efficient control of your business. In addition, your employees can now start using the new application Zeus Employee , an app designed to facilitate the management of your employees that will allow:

  • Access the weekly schedule assignment
  • Record inputs and outputs by geo-location
  • Send and receive vacation and absence requests
  • Have available all the daily tasks to be carried out

With the new application, all employees will be able to make their inquiries and requests from their own terminal, facilitating management for managers and connecting all requests with the labor module in real time. And very soon, we will have available the Reports section, a new section where you can control all the reservation and labor management of your business thanks to our analysis … … .And also the new Notifications section, a new visual section that will notify you every time you have new notifications related to your employees or your reservations.

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