Both restaurants around the world, as food delivery lovers, will be able to benefit from the new integration announced by Google on its blog (Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Search). That enables its users to find all kinds of food and order online quickly and easily, through services such as DoorDash, Postmates,, Slice, and ChowNow. It is expected that others like Zuppler will soon join.

Google integration expands payment methods

Likewise, with this integration, Google plans to expand the possibilities in terms of means of payment. Allowing that in addition to any wallet or bank account associated with our profile, orders can be completed using Google Pay.

Simple ordering process

It should be noted that the ordering process is quite simple. As can be seen in an animation available on the Google blog, it all begins with the user searching for the desired restaurant (it is worth mentioning that only businesses that have requested to appear as collaborators will be available). Later, you will be able to access the list of existing options, where you can select the distribution option and menu. Finally proceeding to specify the means of payment.

Usefulness of the Google Assistant in integration

You can also use the Google Assistant to order using voice commands. Or in the case that orders had already been placed previously, we also find the practical option of “Order again” available, which will save us time by simplifying the process considerably.

We warn in the option of “Reorder” (repeat a previous order), a clear example of the value and usefulness of “Big data”, and how it can contribute immensely in improving the user experience.

This service, which Americans will first enjoy, is expected to soon be available worldwide.

Zeus Manager integrations

At Zeus Manager, we are fully aware of the great importance of integrations with different software in the digital age in which we live. For this reason, we value the establishment of alliances both with POS systems, as well as with platforms that facilitate means of payment, etc. You can get more information at the following link: Zeus Manager

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