If we let ourselves be advised by Simon Sinek, and we begin this article by asking ourselves why our restaurant should collaborate with influencers. The first answer that we could offer would surely be based on the fact that through the use of so-called influencer marketing, recommendations acquire more credibility, while generating a connection between brands and followers, generally through experiences.

There is no exact formula

However, getting a prominent gastronomic influencer to collaborate with our restaurant to attract customers, improve our brand image or promote a specific event, is a task for which there is no exact formula. Since, more than a science, it would be an art that requires an assessment for each particular case.

In the following video we see an example of a restaurant collaboration with gastronomic influencers.

Three keys to choosing an influencer for your restaurant

1-Determine what the type of customer of your restaurant is

Therefore, before deciding to collaborate with an influencer, we must first specify what the type of client of our establishment is. In order to identify with what kind of influencers we share the target audience. That is, if there is an affinity with the community in which they exert their influence.

2-Assess the compatibility of influencers with our restaurant

Another aspect that will be important to analyze, in addition to the number of followers and the amount of interactions with them, will be the type of content that the influencer shares with his fans, which on the one hand will give us a very clear idea of ​​how It is your community, “what language do you speak”, and most importantly, if that language is compatible with the Storytelling of our restaurant.

3-Establish how the restaurant and influencers will collaborate

Only after having verified the compatibility of the influencer’s community with the target audience of our restaurant, will we proceed to assess whether we are going to collaborate with them. For which it may be interesting to try to previously create a good relationship, interacting and sharing its content on social networks, always in accordance with the restaurant’s line of communication.

It is also essential to bear in mind that working with gastronomic influencers is a professional marketing action, and it is therefore advisable:

Understand that a collaboration of this type is a win-win strategy in which both parties must win.
Quantify the cost of the action and have a budget for it.
Set the terms of the collaboration agreement in writing (It is always convenient that the restaurant can review beforehand what is going to be published in reference to it).
In case it has been agreed to provide logistical support in the creation of an event that requires planning. It is advisable to assign someone from the restaurant staff to be specifically in charge of this.

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