We have already dedicated two articles to the restaurant menu in our blog, we also saw in another post aimed at increasing the average ticket , how to use the letter strategically. Today we want to focus on six simple guidelines from neuromarketing, to enhance its profitability.

Increase the profitability of the letter with neuromarketing

If we take the definition offered on the website “ www.economipedia .com ”:” El neuromarketing is a marketing discipline that analyzes brain processes, relying on neuroscience, to know the motivations of people when making decisions, and thus take advantage of that information to promote the purchase of a certain product.” Thus, at the base of this specialty, we find that it tries to discover what drives customers to make certain purchasing decisions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGZtJWwo2hA When applying neuromarketing in the restaurant menu, the following practices have been found to be effective:

1-Avoid using the money symbol (€) in the price

Avoid using the money symbol (€) in the price, since it puts diners on alert by visually reminding them that they are spending. Studies have shown that customers who receive a letter that does not contain the money symbol spend significantly more at the restaurant.

2-Suggestive and descriptive language

Use extremely suggestive language to describe the dishes you offer on the menu. This strategy has been proven to increase sales by 27%.

3-The weight of the letter (neuromarketing appeals to the senses)

Holding a slightly heavy menu in your hands suggests to diners that they are in an exclusive and quality establishment.

4-Visually highlight the dishes on your menu (in neuromarketing the visual is essential)

Visually highlight in your menu those dishes that you are most interested in selling, for this you can use among other resources: color, bold, frame them in a box, or accompany them of photographs.

5-Lure prices

Use the high price of some dishes (which you don’t really intend to sell) to draw attention to the rest of the dishes, making them seem much cheaper .

6-Family or ethnic names

Add family or ethnic names to dishes. Family members inspire confidence (for example, grandmother’s dumplings) while ethnic ones suggest exoticism.

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