New launch of our labor management app "Zeus Employee”

Welcome back to our Zeus Manager blog! In this new article we bring you one of the most important novelties of our online human resources system. Today we officially launch our app “Zeus Employee” at Google App Store and Apple App Store .

An intuitive app designed to manage internal HR processes in an agile and fast way in a matter of minutes. The new features will allow your staff to:

Keep track of the assignment of the week’s hours

Record the entries and exits of the work by geolocation

Send and receive requests for vacation days and absences in real time

Have each of the daily tasks to be carried out available

Connect the registers to the Zeus work module

If you need more information about all the HR features that Zeus Manager can offer you, No miss the labor module!

Unlike other labor management apps

Your employees won’t need to spend a lot of time learning how it works. Thanks to its agile interface and attractive design, through a confirmation email you can connect any mobile device to the Zeus Manager interface and obtain real-time information from each worker.

With our labor management app "Employee" forget forever about….

Go behind your employees
Not knowing the hours billed for each shift
Wasting time in the office / office with complicated mismatches
Confusion and chaos with your business managers

Now everything is at your fingertips with Zeus Manager!

See you in the next article !

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