We have already evaluated in previous posts, the multiple advantages of having an online reservation system for our restaurant. These advantages can be increased if our reservation book offers the possibility of integration with a POS system for restaurants. Let us then examine the main virtues of Point of Sale Terminal software, to understand in this way, the power of the synergy of its integration with a reservation book for restaurants.

POS for restaurants concept

In general, we can define a Point of Sale Terminal for restaurants, as a device that allows the different related tasks to be properly managed with the sale in a restaurant. For example:

  • Charge by credit card or debit . (If the online reservation book is integrated, reservations can be paid through it)
  • Creation and printing of sales tickets
  • Generate reports that help improve business management
  • inventory management

Principal advantages POS for restaurants

Improve our image

Streamlining Management

A POS system, like an online reservation book, allows to automate many of the tasks that previously had to be carried out by staff of the restaurant, thus minimizing errors or possible misunderstandings that occurred with traditional systems.

Usefulness of the digital room plan of the POS

The digital room plan available at POS terminals and online reservation systems , provides staff with a clear overview of:
  • Availability of tables
  • Number of seated diners
  • Estimated occupancy time
  • Information especially useful for evaluating at any time the possibility of accepting:
  • Passing customers

Improved customer service

Both in the case of the POS and the reservation book, with the automation of task management on the one hand , and the possibility of greater customization due to efficient data collection by the other, results in better customer service. The latter being fundamental for the success of companies.

Stock under control with the POS for restaurants

The POS is the ideal tool to control entries and outputs of products from our warehouse in real time. Enabling, for example, the creation of alarms that warn about the availability of certain products.

Management of entry and exit of workers (Fingerprint)

Some POS systems, through the biometric fingerprint reader system, allow managing the entry and exit of the personnel registered in the system.

Accounting overview

POS terminals allow greater financial control of our business, by offering a clear view of accounting in real time.

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