Increasingly, customers go to restaurants in search of an experience that transcends strictly gastronomic, constituting a fundamental part of it the treatment they receive in our establishment, this being also one of the essential factors in the loyalty of diners, and thus the figure of the maitre d ‘is particularly relevant, since among its functions we find understanding the needs and preferences of the clientele, in order to offer the most personalized attention possible, as not in vain the word maitre from the French alludes to: master in the art of serving and directing staff.

Broadly speaking, among the functions of a maitre d ‘we can highlight.

  • Ensure the correct operation of the room
  • Receive, accompany and dismiss the client
  • Coordinate the waiters team
  • Control inventory of materials and beverages
  • Supervision of the cleanliness of the premises
  • Establish direct communication with the kitchen, both in the preparation and in the presentation of the dishes

Taking as a starting point the functions that we have just listed above, we can highlight the following qualities that a goodmaître should possess, many of which coincide (it should not surprise us too much) With the qualities we pointed out in a previous post, the restaurant manager should ideally have.

Six qualities that a good maître should possess

  1. High organizational capacity in order to face all their functions with guarantees of success
  2. Observation skills and listening to understand the needs and preferences of customers, and to be able to provide them with a personalized service.
  3. Ability to lead teams transmitting enthusiasm and enthusiasm, empathizing with the staff under their charge.
  4. Training in the catering sector with solid knowledge regarding: food, wine, protocol, etc. Also complemented by a good general culture and languages, especially English.
  5. Ability to work under pressure , plus the improvisation faculty to be able to satisfactorily resolve the many unforeseen events of a restaurant’s day-to-day life.
  6. Knowing how to be, kindness, education, diplomacy, and above all very important discretion

How Zeus Manager can help the maître of a restaurant

The digital reservation book of Zeus Manager , is a tool that facilitates the management of reservations at our restaurant in a practical and simple way, thus helping maître to have excellent control over them, our online reservation system also provides statistical reports and satisfaction surveys, that allow to know better to customers making it possible to offer a more personalized treatment. If you wish to obtain information about other advantages and benefits of having an online reservation book, click on the following link: Zeus Manager

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