increase sales restaurant

Get to increase the sales of your restaurant

We examine in the post some aspects to increase sales in our restaurant using the upselling technique.

maître skills profile

Six qualities that a good maître should possess

Increasingly, customers go to restaurants in search of an experience that transcends strictly gastronomic, constituting a fundamental part of it the treatment they receive in our establishment, this being also one of the essential factors in the loyalty of diners,

Three keys to choosing influencers for your restaurant

If we let ourselves be advised by Simon Sinek, and we begin this article by asking ourselves why our restaurant should collaborate with influencers. The first answer that we could offer would surely be based on the fact that through

generation Z restaurants

Generation Z in relation to restaurants

We examine six of the main characteristics of Gen Z in relation to restaurants & hospitality business. The generation Z are a generation of true digital natives, accustomed since childhood to having access to vast amounts of information with a

facebook socialmedia restaurants

9 benefits of Facebook for your restaurant

We explore on the blog the many benefits that social networks, and in particular Facebook, can offer us for our restaurant.